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    Tangzha on its way to becoming a world heritage


    Tangzha town, located in Gangzha district, Nantong, is one of the birthplaces of national industry in modern China.

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    Gold phoebe tailings used for medicine in Tangzha


    ​Jiangsu Liuyun Phoebe Artwork, based in Tangzha town, Nantong, has successfully extracted essential oil and other products from the tailings of jinsi nanmu, or gold phoebe, which have been determined to have medical value based on professional testing.

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    Tongzi Opera showcases Nantong culture


    ​People who are keen to folk culture in Gangzha district, Nantong commonly learn Tongzi Opera from local performers.

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    Gangzha children celebrate World Book Day


    As World Book Day approaches on April 23, children at Yongxing Jiayuan Kindergarten in Gangzha district, Nantong wore hanfu, a form of traditional Chinese clothing, and recited ancient Chinese classics to promote traditional Chinese culture.

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    Spring scenery along Tonglv Canal


    ​The charming spring scenery along the Tonglv Canal has recently attracted a number of Nantong residents, who have been enjoying the beautiful scenery in the sunshine, while wearing face masks.

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