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Chongchuan cultural and tourism specialties debut in Taizhou


Updated: 2020-12-14


Chongchuan district promotes its abundant cultural and tourism resources such as cuisine specialties, intangible cultural heritages and scenic spots in Hailing district, Taizhou on Dec 12. [Photo/ntfabu.com]

A road show was held to promote the cultural and tourism resources and specialties of Nantong's Chongchuan district in Hailing district, Taizhou, East China's Jiangsu province on Dec 12.

Chongchuan and Taizhou signed a cooperation agreement on culture and travel on that day. Tourists with Taizhou household registration are able to access special rates when traveling to Chongchuan.

In recent years, Chongchuan district has continuously excavated cultural resources with Nantong features and built renowned brands for travel and culture, formed nine branding travel routes such as a green ecological tour, parent-child tours, a museum tour and a mountain-water tour.

"The first time I ate Siyi rice cake was when my father took me to Nantong when I was a child, now I always buy some every time I visit Nantong," said a Taizhou citizen surnamed Fang. She was surprised to find that the rice cake she has loved for more than 30 years is now available in Taizhou.

On the afternoon of that same day the Wanda Plaza in Hailing district was crowded with people. Booths were lined up in two rows to promote Nantong's intangible heritage products and tourist attractions, allowing Taizhou citizens to experience tourism resources and products with Nantong characteristics at close range.

In addition to delicacies and intangible cultural heritage products, the presentation of Nantong's scenic spots attracted numerous citizens.

"Last year, my child and I visited Nantong Forest Safari Park, which is easily reachable via self-driving," said a citizen surnamed Liu. He learned that residents with Taizhou household registration are entitled to discounts on tickets and accommodation when traveling to Chongchuan. "It's so great! I'll have a trip to Nantong with my family next week."