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Nantong match of educational drone event takes flight in Chongchuan


Updated: 2020-12-09


The Educational Drone Event of China not only cultivates aviation reserve talents, but also further stimulates the creativity and imagination of the young. [Photo/ntfabu.com]

The Nantong match of the fifth Educational Drone Event of China (EDE), jointly hosted by the Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Nantong Youth Maker Federation, was held in Xiaohai Primary School in Chongchuan district, Nantong on Dec 6. Twenty-three delegations from Nantong's districts, counties and county-level cities participated in the event.

Having been held for four years, the EDE is the most authoritative, professional and influential drone event in the field of youth education in China. This year it was recognized as one of the 35 national competitions for students of middle and primary schools, technical secondary schools and vocational high schools by the Ministry of Education.

According to the organizing committee, the competition mainly assesses abilities of operation, control, space judgment, programming, creativity and teamwork, fully covering the requirements of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) education.

In addition to inheriting the aviation spirit and cultivating aviation reserve talents, the competition will further stimulate the creativity and imagination of the young, encouraging them to explore the future of aviation.