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A new provincial technology business incubator added in Hai'an


Updated: 2020-10-23


Hai'an High-tech Pioneer Park is included in the 2020 Jiangsu technology business incubator list. [Photo/ntfabu.com]

The 2020 technology business incubator list of Jiangsu province was recently announced. Nantong has two units included, one of which is Hai'an High-tech Pioneer Park.

So far, Nantong has had 49 technology business incubators of provincial level and above, including 15 State-level and 34 provincial ones.

Hai'an High-tech Pioneer Park was constructed and developed by Hai'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone. With an area of 8,500 square meters, it can accommodate more than 200 enterprises.

By virtue of the government's advantage in integrating resources, the park introduced a number of research institutes such as the Hai'an Institute of High-tech Research of Nanjing University.

Relying on the Jiangsu Proprietary Technology Exchange Center, the park has gathered resources in science and technology policies, technologies and companies with the aim of becoming a high-level government-industry-university-research cooperation platform and accelerating the professional and clustering development of the science and technology service industry.

At present, the park has incubated 53 enterprises and provided capital support for six of them.