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  • Hai'an students inherit traditional flower drum dance


    In recent years, some primary schools in Hai'an have focused on creating their own artwork, promoting the flower drum dance, and using the Hai'an flower drum dance to promote quality education.

  • Hai'an police work to keep campuses safe


    In order to strengthen order on campuses throughout the city, Hai'an traffic police are increasingly using scientific and technological information and relying on intelligent integrated control and monitoring platforms to improve emergency response for traffic-related incidents and increase safety on campuses.

  • Contract signed to build veg research institute in Hai'an


    A signing ceremony for the establishment of a vegetable research institute was held in Hai'an, Nantong, East China's Jiangsu province, on Sept 6.

  • Hai'an works to improve its green environment


    In recent years, Hai'an has taken the opportunity of the construction of inland waterways as an excuse to improve its environment.

  • Hai'an community sets up reading area for residents


    Xinghai community, named one of the "Most beautiful volunteer service communities" in China, has set up a small reading area in the corner of the community service center, offering many books for the enjoyment of community residents.

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