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Discussions on industrial cooperation held in Wuxi


Updated: 2020-08-31

A meeting on high-quality development of industrial cooperation was held in Wuxi on Aug 21.

Gu Guobiao, Party secretary of Hai'an, made a speech at the meeting, saying that Wuxi is a pioneer area of reform and opening up. It has ranked among the top cities in Jiangsu province and China in terms of economic aggregate, and Hai'an, separated from Wuxi by the Yangtze River, has been designated by the Jiangsu provincial government as a provincial comprehensive transport hub.

In early April, the provincial government issued an implementation plan on promoting Yangtze River Delta (YRD) integration in Jiangsu province. The plan clearly pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen coordinated development of the nine cities in the YRD region, including Wuxi and Nantong, to create a high-quality regional cluster.

As an important part of Nantong, Hai'an has continuously learned from Wuxi's advanced concepts, innovative spirit and scientific method to promote high-quality development. It also established a cooperation mechanism with Wuxi in investment promotion, industry cultivation and park development to create a model of cross-river industrial integration.

With the successive completion of major infrastructure projects including the Nantong-Wuxi Expressway, the Shanghai-Nantong Railway and the Yancheng-Nantong High-speed Railway, Hai'an, a city with advantageous location, industries and platforms, will be an ideal place to optimize the various superior resources of Wuxi.

Focusing on enhancing its business environment and streamlining administrative procedures, Hai'an aims to become more attractive to investors and more livable for citizens.

At the Aug 21 talkfest 11 industrial projects, backed up by planned investment of 16.6 billion yuan ($2.4 billion), were signed in fields such as new medical materials, metal technology and precision machinery.