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Hai'an's CNTY listed as top 500 Chinese enterprise


Updated: 2020-08-03

Fortune magazine recently published its 2020 Top 500 list for Chinese companies. China Tianying Inc. (CNTY), ranked 480th among the 500 Chinese enterprises, had revenue of about 18.6 billion yuan ($2.7 billion) in 2019.

The list covers all Chinese companies listed in and outside China and considers the performance and achievements of the largest ones around the world in the past year.

Jiangsu province has 30 enterprises included, 11 from Nanjing, eight from Suzhou, three from Wuxi and three from Nantong.

Headquartered in Hai'an, CNTY is a large international listed company engaged in urban environmental services and treatment and reuse of waste.

With acquisition of the European solid waste giant Urbaser CNTY's business covers the entire solid waste industry chain including waste sorting, sanitation services, waste incineration, equipment manufacturing and resources recovery. It now has the most complete industrial chain in China's solid waste industry.

So far, CNTY has signed international cooperation agreements with many developed countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Singapore. Its Isseane waste incineration power plant in Paris, France is the only buried waste incineration power plant in the world.


China Tianying Inc., a solid waste giant headquartered in Hai'an, ranks 480th in the 2020 Top 500 list for Chinese companies released by Fortune magazine. [Photo/WeChat account: hafbwx]