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Gangzha company sees rapid development in VR


Updated: 2020-05-29

Jiangsu Fuzhu Intelligent Technology Co, based in Gangzha district, Nantong, had received over 20 million yuan ($2.80 million) in sales revenue by the end of the year of its establishment and saw a four-fold increase the following year.

The company's research and development team is experienced in simulators, motion platforms, virtual reality (VR) technology, and somatosensory hardware. 

The company has nearly 50 invention patents and has developed long-term cooperative relations with several world famous enterprises such as Huawei and Nissan.

According to a worker at the company, the VR 360 roller coaster simulator is now among its most popular products. The air outlets on the seats help simulate wind and make people feel as if they are on a real roller coaster. The speed of the wind constantly changes to provide a more realistic experience.


People experience roller coaster simulators at the Jiangsu Fuzhu Intelligent Technology Co in Gangzha district, Nantong. [Photo/WeChat account: ntgzsd]

The company has developed an entire system for producing and selling the products themselves, saving on costs and accelerating capital turnover.

It has also discovered its development potential in terms of scientific research and education. The company's experiential pavilions featuring VR and digital technology have become quite popular, said Xu Ping, a marketing manager at the company.

Last year, the company made a VR seat using 5G technology for Huawei, which can present VR data on the cloud platform with the help of 5G technology. The product was recently showcased at an international touring exhibition.