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Tangzha museum preserves town's history

By Hu Xiaoyu


Updated: 2019-11-25


"Impression of Tangzha", a museum in Tangzha town, Gangzha district, Nantong [Photo/ntfabu.com]

There is a 1,420-square-meter museum along the Nantong-Yangzhou Canal that recounts the historical development of Tangzha ancient town over the past 100 years.

The museum, located in Tangjia Lane, Gangzha district, was founded in October 2017 and has attracted many visitors.

Tangzha town is one of the birthplaces of national industry in modern China. It is here that Zhang Jian, a famous local industrialist and renowned academic, founded China's first large-scale cotton spinning business – the Dasheng Yarn Factory – and formed an industrial cluster by setting up schools, shops, docks, and companies involved in oil extraction, flour milling, and iron and silk production.

"According to a document from 1930, the town had about 800 shops at that time, and was the largest processing and distribution center for flowers, yarn, clothing, grain, oil, and wood in northern Jiangsu province," said Yang Yi, a guide at the museum.

"As early as 1920, Tangzha had been labeled on a world map that was issued overseas," Yang added.

The museum not only showcases the town’s industrial development, but also displays many everyday items used by people in the past. Parts of houses have been restored with the original furniture and decorations, transporting visitors to a time long past.

"The exhibits have brought back many memories for older visitors" said Yin Jinli, a 68-year-old volunteer at the museum.

"Young people can also learn about the tremendous changes the town has undergone," he added.