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Tangzha showcases industrial development

Updated: 2019-10-10


The Tangzha exhibition hall teaches visitors about local industrial development over the past century and more. [Photo/IC]

The industrial development of Tangzha town, Gangzha district, Nantong city since 1895 is being showcased at the Tangzha exhibition hall.

Tangzha town is a historical center of Chinese industry and an important historical block in Nantong. It is known for being the first industrial town in modern China.

The Tangzha exhibition hall, covering an area of 1,420 square meters, consists of eight indoor and outdoor pavilions which present the changes that have occurred in the town over the years through a combination of photos, objects and videos.

The exhibition hall showcases the industrial development, historical role, culture and future plans of Tangzha town, providing citizens with the chance to learn more about the town and encouraging more participation in the local cultural industry.