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Tangzha National Industrial Style Town lures more tourists

Updated: 2019-08-27


Night view of Tangzha National Industrial Style Town [Photo/ntgz.gov.cn] 

Tangzha National Industrial Style Town, located in Gangzha district in the city of  Nantong in eastern Jiangsu province, has proved increasingly popular with visitors as more tourism infrastructure has been completed and improved – with over 500,000 tourists visiting the town from January to August, according to local officials. 

An important industrial base in modern China, Tangzha National Industrial Style Town completely preserves examples and elements of the country's modern industry – including living places, water conservancy facilities, educational and charity institutions, as well as modern commercial blocks. 

The style town has been built into four functional areas – catering, shopping, entertainment and sightseeing – attracting more than 60 businesses and shops.

In addition, themed events and festival activities are organized in the town. These  include lanterns shows, a beer and lobster festival and a night hiking festival, which have contributed to the town's popularity among tourists, local officials said. 

As a result, over 80,000 tourists visited the town and participated in various events during the Spring Festival holiday and Lantern Festival this year, officials added. 

To date, Xinmin Alley cuisine block, Fuxing Alley crafts block, Tangjia alley culture block and Dukou alley bed and breakfast block in the town have been completed and are open to the public. 

Exhibition halls and museums – such as Tangzhan Impression Exhibition Hall, Zhangye Family Virtue and Education Museum and a traditional clothing experience center – have also been put into service. 

Tangzha National Industrial Style Town will next open a series of scenic spots such as a grain industry exhibition hall and a soap culture experience hall to further enhance its industrial cultural atmosphere.