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Hydrogen energy industry

en.nantong.gov.cn| Updated: March 16, 2021 L M S


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While Rugao is developing a new energy automobile industry, the city is also considering a hydrogen energy industry that would be closely related to the production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

To date, nearly 20 hydrogen energy enterprises have gathered in Rugao, and formed a hydrogen energy industry chain that integrates the production, storage and transport of hydrogen, hydrogen charging, development and manufacturing of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, research and development and production of hydrogen fuel cells, and demonstration and application of hydrogen energy products.


[Photo provide to en.nantong.gov.cn]

In 2016, the China Hydrogen Energy Economy Demonstration Project of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) was launched in Rugao, and a series of demonstration projects were launched alongside it. The Hydrogen Energy Town in Rugao became the first hydrogen characteristic town in China.

In 2018, Rugao's hydrogen industry was included in the development plan of Yangtze River Delta Hydrogen Corridor. And in 2019, the National Hydrogen Energy Vehicle Research and Testing Public Service Platform, the first third-party public testing technology service platform authorized by the State, was established in Rugao.

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