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Nantong Power Station Valve Co Ltd

en.nantong.gov.cn| Updated: July 31, 2020 L M S


Nantong Power Station Valve Co Ltd [Photo provide to en.nantong.gov.cn]

Nantong Power Station Valve Co Ltd was founded in 1960, and in 1975, it developed a full-forged power station globe valve. In 1979, it was appointed as a professional manufacturer for power station valves by the then Ministry of Electric Power and the Ministry of Machinery.

It is engaged in research, development and manufacturing of high, medium and low voltage power station valves. Its products are widely used in nuclear power, thermal power, petrochemicals, steel, environmental protection and other industries.

Located in Rugao Economic and Technological Development Zone, the enterprise covers 32,515 square meters and is rated as a national high-tech enterprise and an innovative enterprise in Jiangsu province.

The enterprise has advanced nondestructive testing, processing and other equipment, which ensure the production of high-parameter valves. It has long-term cooperation agreements with major domestic boiler, turbine, water pump and other main engine plants, as well as major power groups. Its products are not only sold throughout the country, but also exported to other parts of the world such as Southeast Asia.

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