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Rudong county


Updated: 2022-06-13


Offshore disco. [Photo/rudong.gov.cn]

Rudong county covers an area of 1,872 square kilometers consisting of 1,702 sq km of land area and 170 sq km of water surface area. Its coastline is 106 km, one ninth of that of the whole province.

The county had three sub-districts, 12 towns and 256 villages in 2020, with a total population of 1 million.


Yangkou Port of Rudong county. [Photo/rudong.gov.cn]

Rudong county is located in the northern subtropical region, and features an oceanic, moderately humid monsoon climate. It has four distinct seasons, sufficient sunlight, and abundant rainfall. Quite heavily wooded, it is also characterized by open and flat terrain, fertile land and verdant green fields and gardens.

With its groundwater broadly distributed, Rudong county is a land of superior quality water. Its farm crops include rice, wheat and cotton, as well as oil plants, vegetables, fruits, mulberry and high quality cocoons. Rudong county's rice is quite well known in China. Furthermore, its cotton yield has been greater than 50 million kilograms three times, a leading statistic in Jiangsu province. Rudong county is becoming known around the world for its cotton. It has even been honored by the State Council for its distinguished agricultural performance.

The specialties of Rudong county mostly consist of seafood such as clams, portunid, butterfish, yellow croaker, solen, bullacta exarata, dried seaweed and shrimp. Besides, there are some other local special products like Langshan chicken and Sutong silk quilt.

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