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Golden Clam Island scenic area in Rudong takes basic shape


Updated: 2020-11-26


Work on Golden Clam Island scenic area in Xiaoyangkou Resort in Rudong county, Nantong, has been progress rapidly since the beginning of this year. [Photo/Rudong Daily]

Construction of the Golden Clam Island scenic area, part of the City of Sea project in Xiaoyangkou Resort in Rudong county, Nantong, has been progressing rapidly since the beginning of 2020.

So far, eight sections of the scenic area have been completed, at a cost of 450 million yuan ($68.5 million). The scenic area has taken its basic shape.

The scenic area is a key project in Xiaoyangkou Resort's efforts to become a national tourist resort. The whole project includes infrastructure such as parking lots, construction of Fuhai Avenue, renovation and a southern extension of Golden Clam Avenue, and construction of features such as a flower sea, Silver Clam Island and upgrading of Golden Clam Island.

Costing over 50 million yuan, the 3-kilometer Fuhai Avenue will connect Happy Farm, Golden Clam Island, Silver Clam Island, Golden Clam flower sea, and the parking lots. A water system, bridges, gates and dams are set up along the main road for sightseeing and leisure travel.

Work on the flower sea project, worth over 40 million yuan, was completed recently. Covering over 19 hectares, the flower sea is located on a distinctive fish-shaped lake. With beautiful flowers in all four seasons, the flower sea is an ideal place for taking wedding photos, fishing and boating.

Silver Clam Island, to the east of the flower sea, is to be built as the first idyllic area for high-level commercial tourism and receptions.