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Hot spring water park to open in Rudong


Updated: 2020-09-15


Links Hot Spring Water Park, in Xiaoyangkou resort in Rudong county, is planned to open to the public next year. [Photo/WeChat account: dream8086]

The Links Hot Spring Water Park, which is being developed into a tourist landmark in Rudong county at a cost of 300 million yuan ($44 million), has entered the interior decoration stage and is expected to open next year.

The park covers 1.8 hectares. By virtue of the high-quality natural hot spring resources in the Xiaoyangkou resort in Rudong, the park is introducing imported water entertainment equipment and is planned to be built into a travel destination integrating hot springs, spas, seafood cuisine, sightseeing, cultural experiences.

According to Xu Qingfeng, executive assistant of a hot spring development company in Xiaoyangkou, the park has two characteristic projects. One is a rotating slide with a height of 24 meters. Each visitor has 90 seconds to experience the excitement of the slide.

The other is a hot spring in the southernmost part of the park, close to a golf course and the exquisite landscape of Xiaoyangkou.

Xu added that the main recreation facilities were imported from Germany and will be installed by German engineers. The park will be completed by the end of this year and open to the public at the beginning of next year. By then, the daily reception capacity of the park will reach 5,000 person-times.