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Nine more Hai'an family farms named in provincial demo list


Updated: 2020-10-09


Family farms in Hai'an attract droves of visitors in the Golden Week holiday. [Photo/WeChat account: hafbwx]

The past Golden Week holiday saw droves of visitors flocking to provincial demonstration family farms in Nantong, Jiangsu province, for fruit picking and other farm experiences.

These farms, endowed with the title by the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs have proved very popular with families seeking leisurely fun.

Thirty-seven farms in Nantong were added to the provincial list this year, including nine in Hai'an.

A family farm refers to a new type of agricultural business entity that uses family members as the main labor force and engages in large-scale, intensive and commercialized production and agricultural operations. Agriculture is the main source of the family's income.

Experts think the development of family farms is an important way to improve the level of intensive agricultural management.

A local official said cultivating and developing demonstration family farms are significant steps in promoting their high-quality development in Jiangsu. According to regulations, the provincial demonstration family farms can enjoy preferential policies and take priority in gaining financial support for agricultural projects.