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10 enterprises settle in Nantong IT Application Innovation Park


Updated: 2020-07-23

Ten enterprises represented by the Nantong branch of Sangfor settled in the Nantong IT Application Innovation Park in Chongchuan district on July 18. Nine projects related to information technology (IT) application innovation were also signed, marking Chongchuan's development in IT application innovation and its cyber security industries entering a new stage.

In recent years, Nantong has been committed to becoming a new landmark of new-generation information technology. In 2019, the output value of related industries exceeded 230 billion yuan ($32.8 billion).

Focusing on the new-generation IT industries such as IT application innovation and cyber security, Chongchuan district has studied and formulated a five-year development plan for the IT application innovation industry, jointly built the Yangtze River Area Cyber Security Industrial Park with the Information Security Rating Center of the Ministry of Public Security and the Nantong municipal industry and information bureau, organized training courses for protection of personnel of important national information systems, and established funds for cyber security and IT application innovation industries.

As the main urban area of Nantong, Chongchuan district is an important gathering place for innovation resources in the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) region. At present, software and IT service industries represented by big data, cloud computing, intelligent chips, intelligent building and the internet of things have taken shape in the district.

By 2024, the Yangtze River Area Cyber Security Industrial Park will have had an annual output value of 50 billion yuan and introduced 300 high-quality industrial enterprises, 50 national and provincial cyber security innovation carriers and 1,000 high-end talents to become a YRD cyber security cluster area that serves the whole country.


With 10 enterprises settling in the Nantong IT Application Innovation Park, Chongchuan's development in information technology application innovation and cyber security industries enters a new stage. [Photo/ntfabu.com]