New quality productive forces | Display screen maker releases new products

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Luohua superscreen, the latest product made by Luohuaxin Display Technology Development (Jiangsu) Co. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_78ba52d6e1ed]

Luohuaxin Display Technology Development (Jiangsu) Co based in the Nantong Economic and Technological Development Area, or NETDA, recently unveiled its "Luohua" brand, along with its latest product, the Luohua superscreen.

Li Yong, president of Luohuaxin, explained that the product was developed based on research of mini/micro LED chips.

The LEDs developed by Luohuaxin have been reduced to less than 0.3 millimeters in size and a thickness of only 0.15 mm, one hundredth of the size of regular LEDs, according to Li.


Application of Luohuaxin's products. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_78ba52d6e1ed]

He added that their LEDs also employ zoning control technology, meaning that they can control light in a smaller area with a higher contrast ratio to produce lifelike visual effects.

The Luohua superscreen equipped with the latest LEDs features ultra-high definition, an ultra-narrow frame, and dual systems with sizes ranging from 130 to 326 inches, Li introduced.

Following its establishment in 2019, Luohuaxin built an R&D and production base for mini/micro LED new display light sources and module products in NEDTA.

Three years later, Luohuaxin was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. Last year, it qualified as a small and medium-sized enterprise, specializing in niche industries with cutting-edge technologies in Jiangsu province.

The president revealed that in addition to the research team's efforts, their success has also been made possible by the support of local authorities.

With a favorable business environment and efficient team, Li is confident about the future, saying that the company will seize the opportunity of fostering new quality productive forces to increase investment in R&D and develop more competitive products.


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