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NHIZ takes measures to boost investment attraction

en.nantong.gov.cn | Updated: July 3, 2023 L M S

The Nantong National High-tech Industrial Zone in Jiangsu province has taken numerous measures this year to more effectively attract investment, one of which is the improvement of investment attraction mechanisms.

To motivate investment attraction teams and strengthen their competitiveness, the zone has established an investment attraction office and four investment promotion teams.

The zone has also conducted various activities to improve the teams' capabilities, such as investment personnel skills competitions, exchanges of industrial research achievements, and lectures on industrial development. 

In addition, the zone has established a two-way communication and cooperation mechanism with major universities and recruitment agencies to attract talent and promote high-quality development in the zone.

The zone has also made efforts to improve its services for local enterprises.

For example, the zone has established an entrepreneur reception day and a dedicated service hotline to address challenges faced by businesses.

Since the beginning of this year, the zone has received requests for help regarding 32 different issues and has already assisted in resolving 30 of them.

Thanks to these measures, the zone signed 23 project agreements in June, focusing on areas such as intelligent manufacturing, new energy, new materials, and new-generation information technology.


Staff members introduce the zone to investors. [Photo/ntjoy.com]