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Dearshiqiao initiates new export system to boost cross-border e-commerce

en.nantong.gov.cn| Updated: August 6, 2020 L M S


Haimen Dearshiqiao International Home Textiles Industrial Zone initiates a new export method integrating cross-border e-commerce and market procurement trade. [Photo/ntfabu.com]

A container full of commodities from Nantong Shenggaibo E-commerce Co Ltd and Nantong Huazhiyue International Trade Co Ltd was shipped from Dearshiqiao customs supervision station in Haimen district, Nantong, to a warehouse in Los Angeles on Aug 3.

The commodities in the container were cleared by customs in two export methods – cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouse and market procurement trade. This was the first such case in China and marked the integrated development of the two new foreign business formats in the country and a new path in Dearshiqiao.

The Dearshiqiao market was approved as a pilot for market procurement trade in July 2015, and in the first half of 2020, $7.1 billion worth of goods had been cleared for export.

At the beginning of 2020, Dearshiqiao was listed as a work station in Haimen district of Nantong's cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone. As a national pilot agglomeration area for two new foreign trade formats, Haimen Dearshiqiao home textile park is committed to exploring the integration and development of the two new formats.

According to Zhou Cheng, deputy secretary of the Party working committee of Haimen Dearshiqiao International Home Textiles Industrial Zone, the system of sharing containers has expanded the export channels in Dearshiqiao and improved logistics speed and efficiency.

"In the past, a container could only be shipped when it was full," Zhou said. "After combining with market procurement trade and conducting container sharing, we can fill a container in the shortest time, and the goods can be shipped immediately."

Dearshiqiao will further integrate resources and promote the sustainable development of container-sharing export and strive to build a cross-border e-commerce industrial chain in the park.