Jinghua Pharmaceutical holds open day for undergraduates

en.nantong.gov.cn| Updated: December 2, 2020 L M S


The undergraduate delegation visits the companies' facilities to gain a better understanding of their corporate culture. [Photo/ntfabu.com]

Nantong Jinghua Pharmaceutical Co Ltd and Nantong Senxuan Pharmacy Co Ltd joined hands to hold an open day activity for undergraduates on Nov 29. Both  enterprises are subsidiaries of the listed enterprise, Jinghua Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd, which is located in Nantong Gangzha Economic Development Zone (GZEDZ).

"With well-equipped facilities and a comfortable environment, it is more modern than the traditional pharmaceutical companies I imagined," Shan Yongjin, an undergraduate from Nantong College of Science and Technology, said. "I immediately wanted to work here."

In December 2019, the two subsidiaries jointly launched the first Undergraduate Open Day, inviting teachers and students from four local colleges and universities represented by Nantong University to take a field trip to their facilities.

The undergraduate delegation visited the master control room, the analysis and testing center, the phenobarbital production workshop and the dormitory area to gain a better understanding of the companies' corporate culture.

This year, the open day had wider coverage. In addition to four local institutes, the companies also invited students from Soochow University and Nanjing Tech University, to further strengthen university-enterprise cooperation.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have closed down, thus graduates are facing great difficulty in finding jobs. In this situation, Nantong Jinghua Pharmaceutical and Senxuan Pharmacy took the initiative to contact the universities and arranged a shuttle bus for nearly 50 college students to visit, solving the dilemma that enterprises have no access to talents and graduates have no access to jobs.

As a high-tech enterprise with a postgraduate workstation in Jiangsu province, the two corporates have employed dozens of excellent graduates in recent years.

Since the first open day event in 2019, nearly 100 college students have visited the companies, and many have signed contracts and become regular employees.