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New quality productive forces | High-standard farmland boosts modern agriculture in Hai'an


Updated: 2024-04-03

The Yangmanhe sub-district in the Hai'an Development Zone, Jiangsu province, has vigorously developed high-standard farmland projects in recent years to advance from traditional to modern agriculture.

To date, the sub-district has established 15,000 mu (1,000 hectares) of high-standard farmland. This modern farming approach promotes intelligent agricultural production by utilizing mechanized sowing, drone-based pest control, and mechanical harvesting.

One of Yangmanhe's villages benefiting from this high-standard farmland is Pinjian village. The village has constructed over 3,000 mu of high-standard farmland. Efficient high-tech agricultural equipment has transformed the methods used by local farmers.

"With such a large area, if we were to rely on manual spraying, it would take over 100 people several days to complete. With two drones, the task can be finished in just one day," said Liu Lin, general manager of Nantong Jihe Smart Agriculture Co Ltd in the village.

Another beneficiary of high-standard farmland is Shanghu village, which originally had 900 mu of cultivated land. Since the construction of high-standard farmland began in 2022, it has flattened the residential land of over 190 households, adding about 300 mu of land. The farmland is also supported by constructed water ditches, production roads, and other basic infrastructure, improving land utilization.


The high-standard farmland in Yangmanhe sub-district.[Photo/xuexi.cn]