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Xiting crispy cake workshop to further shine as provincial site


Updated: 2024-02-28

The Xiting crispy cake workshop in Tongzhou district, Nantong, Jiangsu province has recently been listed in the inaugural group of provincial-level intangible cultural heritage workshops.

Being designated a provincial-level intangible cultural heritage workshop, according to Zeng Weihua, the workshop's head, will expand the influence of rural intangible cultural heritage and inject new vitality into the innovation and preservation of cultural heritage.

The renowned Xiting crispy cake is a traditional delicacy in Tongzhou with a history of over a century. The production of each Xiting crispy cake involves 28 meticulous crafting processes, taking approximately 1.5 hours for the entire production.

Over the past few years, the workshop has responded to modern consumer preferences by developing 16 new flavors. This forward-looking approach has proven fruitful, with the company's annual output surpassing 20 million yuan ($2.78 million) in 2023.

Despite this success, the increasing demand has prompted the workshop to seek expansion. The company currently produces nearly 1 metric ton of crispy cakes daily, yet it struggles to keep pace with market needs due to a shortage of skilled technicians.

Zeng emphasized that the workshop's new status as a provincial-level intangible cultural heritage workshop will help broaden the recognition of the product, so as to attract more young talents to the business.

Intangible cultural heritage workshops, relying on representative projects or traditional crafts, serve as business entities and production points registered or recorded in accordance with the law. They not only serve to protect rural intangible cultural heritage but also embody the initiative to revitalize rural areas.

Tongzhou is currently home to two intangible cultural heritage workshops at the provincial level and five at the district level.


Xiting crispy cake. [Photo/VCG]


One of the steps in Xiting crispy cake production. [Photo/VCG]