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Shibei High-Tech Zone wins provincial recognition for IC industry

en.nantong.gov.cn| Updated: February 6, 2024 L M S

The integrated circuit (IC) packaging industrial cluster in the Shibei High-Tech Zone in Chongchuan district, Nantong, Jiangsu province, has secured a spot in the second batch of provincial-level innovative industry clusters.

This acknowledgement stems from Chongchuan's strategic emphasis on nurturing integrated circuits as a key emerging industry in recent years.

The district has actively cultivated leading enterprises in the industry chain, attracting high-growth stars like Tongfu Microelectronics and forming a substantial scale effect in the IC industry.

The Shibei High-Tech Zone, the major area for boosting the IC industry in Chongchuan, is in the planning and construction phase of a 6.77 square kilometers IC industry park, which aims to provide space for more high-quality enterprises in the integrated circuit industry chain. The development of the IC industry park will elevate the scale and level of the Shibei High-Tech Zone's IC industry cluster.

In the next phase, the Shibei High-Tech Zone plans to further enhance industry scale, intensify efforts to attract leading and flagship enterprises, foster the growth of existing companies, and actively strengthen the industry through policy guidance, financial support, and talent recruitment.

The goal of the zone is to create a technologically advanced IC innovation cluster with global influence.


A rendering of the integrated circuit park in the Shibei High-Tech Zone. [Photo/WeChat account: chongchuanonline]

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