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Chongchuan district, the main urban district of Nantong, Jiangsu province, has enjoyed a reputation as a "land of promise" since ancient times. With a total area of 234 square kilometers and a population of over 1.2 million, Chongchuan district holds jurisdiction over 15 sub-districts, two provincial development zones and one provincial high-tech zone, making it the most densely populated region of Nantong. It also has Nantong's most concentrated production and highest urbanization level.

With the approval of the State Council, the former Chongchuan and Gangzha districts were abolished and a new Chongchuan district was established in July 2020. With that change, the district people's government is now located at No 44 Taowu Road in Hongqiao sub-district.

In 2023, its gross regional product is exptected to reach 175 billion yuan ($24.31 billion), and its general public budget revenue amounted to 11.32 billion yuan.


Langshan Mountain. [Photo/IC]

Chongchuan district, a top-level habitat, boasts two scenic spots of one mountain and one river. The mountain is the Langshan Mountain, a national 4A scenic spot, which provides a terrific view of the river resort. Famous for its pastoral scenery, Langshan Mountain is first of the eight famous mountains of Buddhism in China, and in that context has a history of over 1,400 years. One river refers to the Haohe River, a national 5A scenic spot. The rippling river runs around the city for about 15 kilometers like a piece of jadeite necklace. In Chongchuan district, the natural environment and human history make a perfect harmony, and modern style and traditional flavors interact well with each other.


Zhang Jian's former residence. [Photo/chongchuan.gov.cn]

With superior location and convenient transportation, Chongchuan district is integrated into the one-hour economic, metropolitan and living circle of Shanghai thanks to the Su-Tong Yangtze River Bridge, the Chongqi Bridge and the Hutong Railway Yangtze River Bridge; the last is now under construction. With Chongchuan district as the center, five airports can be reached within 90 minutes: it takes 20 minutes to Nantong Xingdong International Airport, 60 minutes to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, 70 minutes to Sunan Shuofang International Airport, 90 minutes to both Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport. Nantong Port, situated within the district, is one of the top ten ports nationwide, and connects to over 300 ports in over 70 countries and regions. Five high-speed railways will pass through the hinterland of Chongchuan district in the future five to ten years, making it a railway terminal at the regional level.

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