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Hai'an recognized as a pioneer in nationwide agricultural mechanization


Updated: 2024-02-04

Hai'an, a city in Nantong, Jiangsu province, has recently earned recognition as one of the first national demonstration cities for fully mechanized agricultural production.

The acknowledgement stems from the city's commitment to advancing agricultural development. Following a strategic plan, Hai'an is actively promoting the transformation of the entire livestock industry chain into a digitalized model, with a focus on production automation, intelligent management, and complete digitization to enhance the overall mechanization of livestock farming.

In 2022, with a primary emphasis on rice and eggs as key industries, Hai'an advanced into the ranks of nationally recognized modern agricultural industry parks. The city boasts a fully integrated poultry and egg industry chain system encompassing standardized large-scale breeding, preliminary and deep processing of products, and branded sales.

The scale of livestock farming in Hai'an reached a mechanization rate of 89.94 percent, while the overall mechanization level in livestock farming reached 81.9 percent.

To date, Hai'an has achieved a livestock farming scale mechanization rate of 91 percent, an overall mechanization level of 84 percent in livestock farming, and a mechanization rate of 87 percent in egg-laying chicken large-scale farming.