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Tongzhou unveils new cultural center


Updated: 2024-01-10

An unveiling ceremony for the Wenqiao Cultural and Art Center took place in Nantong's Tongzhou district on Jan 6.

As part of its inauguration, the center's exhibition hall is showcasing nearly 50 exquisite calligraphy pieces by renowned calligrapher Chen Guohua. Chen is a member of the China Calligraphers Association, a director of the Beijing Calligraphers Association, and a researcher at the China Central Institute for Culture and History.

Many of Chen's works have won awards nationwide, with several pieces being collected by prestigious institutions such as the Great Hall of the People.

Liuqiao town is renowned as a hub for traditional Chinese folk arts and culture. It is also a pivotal base for preserving the craft of Nantong's banyao kite-making.

In recent years, Liuqiao town has prioritized the development of rural cultural initiatives. The town consistently hosts a number of cultural events throughout the year and has established cultural landmarks like the Wenxian Garden to satiate the growing cultural appetites of its residents.


An unveiling ceremony for the Wenqiao Cultural and Art Center is held in Tongzhou district. [Photo/ntjoy.com]