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Travel routes for study and education

en.nantong.gov.cn Updated: 2022-06-17


The Wonderful Farm. [Photo/Nantong Daily]

Editor's note: Eight themed travel routes in Nantong, East China's Jiangsu province, were unveiled during the Nantong "Hao Tong You" cultural and tourism consumption promotion season on May 19 to mark the 12th China Tourism Day.

There is an old Chinese saying that recommends "reading ten thousand books and traveling ten thousand miles". The following travel routes can help children learn about things outside textbooks and teach them to appreciate the beautiful natural world.

Wildlife route:

Day one: Nantong Forest Safari Park – Wonderful Farm

Day two: Nantong Zhouji Green Expo Garden – Junshan Mountain scenic area

Sea-themed route:

Day one: Qidong Jiangtian Ecological Park – Golden Beach scenic area

Day two: Offshore wind power plants in Rudong – the aquaculture base of Zhongyang Group in Hai'an

Further reading:

Nantong Forest Safari Park is one of the largest wild animal zoos in East China. It is home to more than 200 varieties of nearly 10,000 animals, including pandas, Asian elephants, kangaroos, white lions, and oriental white storks.

Wonderful Farm is a popular tourist destination in Nantong revolving around the ecological agriculture industry, the study of intangible cultural heritage, family activities, hot springs, catering, homestay hotels and water sports.

Located at the southernmost tip of the urban area of Nantong, Junshan Mountain boasts the best-preserved natural landscapes among the city's Five Mountains.

Lush trees, clean waters and an abundant food supply make it a haven for wild birds, as the mountain is home to more than 220 species of bird, including several State-protected species.