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Travel routes for scenic views, tasty seafood

en.nantong.gov.cn Updated: 2022-06-14


The Liya Island National Marine Park is rich in oysters. [Photo provided to nantong.gov.cn]

Editor's note: Eight themed travel routes in Nantong, East China's Jiangsu province, were unveiled during the Nantong "Hao Tong You" cultural and tourism consumption promotion season on May 19 to mark the 12th China Tourism Day.

Nantong is surrounded by water on three sides, with its northern to northeastern regions located next to the Huanghai Sea and its southern region facing the Yangtze River. The city boasts both scenic sea and river views.

The following three routes focus on the sea and mountains, hot springs, and seafood, respectively.

Sea and mountain route:

Day one: Binjiang area of Five Mountain area – Langshan National Forest Park – Haohe River scenic area

Day two: Golden Beach scenic area – Bihai Yinsha scenic area

Hot spring route:

Day one: Zhouji Menghuan Island – Langshan National Forest Park – Haohe River scenic area

Day two: Bencha town – Linkspring Fun World

Seafood route:

Day one: Junshan Mountain scenic area – Zilang Lake

Day two: Liya Island National Marine Park – Lyusi fishing port

Further reading:

Golden Beach scenic area sits at the easternmost tip of Jiangsu province and has the earliest sunrise in the province, with the sun beginning to rise at five.

Linkspring Fun World is suitable for visitors of different ages, and its spring water is collected from an underground hot spring in Nantong, which is reputedly rich in a variety of minerals and trace elements.

The waters around Lyusi fishing port are rich in pomfret, yellow croaker, octopus, crab, jellyfish and other seafood.