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Zorrun Semiconductor: R&D drives growth


Updated: 2021-09-15


Employees work at a laboratory of Zorrun Semiconductor in Rugao, Nantong. [Photo/WeChat account: rugaofabu]

Zorrun Semiconductor, which was founded in Rugao, Nantong in 2018, has become a leader in technological innovation in the domestic semiconductor industry, local media outlets reported.

The company focuses on the manufacturing of automatic silicon carbide and large-sized crystalline silicon equipment, as well as the research and development, production and deep processing of crystalline materials.

Its founder Zhang Xinfeng is a professional researcher in this field and has prioritized scientific and technological innovation to enhance the company's core competitiveness.

According to Zhang, the company has made technological breakthroughs in semiconductor bottlenecks, and solves problems brought about by foreign containments.

One of the factors behind this achievement is Rugao's friendly business environment and its sci-tech innovation initiatives, he noted.

"We have received a large amount of subsidies from the government and have invested them into a new round of sci-tech research," said Zhang.

As a result, the company has attracted a group of third-generation semiconductor manufacturers to the Rugao High-tech Industrial Development Zone. 

These companies, which are engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of silicon carbide, semiconductor coolers, and pure semiconductor materials, are an important driver behind Rugao's economic growth.

"We have also hosted regular industrial forums and invited domestic and foreign experts to promote our projects and technology, allowing the world to see Rugao's progress," said Zhang.

Talking about future development, Zhang said that the company is planning to bring in capital to set up an industrial chain for third-generation semiconductors.

"We will connect the upstream and downstream businesses, ensuring that we are in charge of the key sectors, so as to contribute to regional industrial upgrading and economic development," said Zhang.