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Pingyuanchi village a great place to escape summer heat


Updated: 2021-06-23


An aerial view of a lotus pond in Pingyuanchi village, Rugao. [Photo/WeChat account: RGETDZ]

Pingyuanchi village in Rugao, Nantong was included on the 2019 list of the most beautiful villages in China for recreational activities.

A variety of tourist attractions in the village, including lotus ponds, chrysanthemum flowers, mushrooms, aquaculture, and fruit picking areas, currently cover a total area of about 300 hectares.

The most iconic spot is its lotus pond - the He Tang Yue Se (Moonlight over the Lotus Pond). 

The village boasts a long history of growing lotus, and in recent years, it has built 73.3 hectares of lotus ponds and supporting facilities for ecotourism.

Beautiful scenery and distinctive agricultural products attract more than 50,000 tourists during the peak season.

Meanwhile, the village has developed several lotus-related agricultural products, including lotus leaf tea. With a unique aroma, the tea has been well-received among tourists.

Locals have also been raising crawfish in the ponds without using any pesticide. The output is more than 600 kilograms per hectare.