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Company offers subsidies to keep employees in Rugao during festival


Updated: 2021-01-20

An electromechanical company in Rugao recently introduced a series of incentives to encourage its employees to stay in the city during the upcoming Spring Festival.

Yao Yun, head of the company's administrative department, said that 500 to 1,200 yuan ($174) in subsidies will be offered to employees who stick to their posts throughout the festival. 

In addition, the company will offer free meals and events such as dumpling-making activities and online lotteries.

For those with children in need of care, the company has launched a nursing program, allowing employees to take their children to work and arranging for other employees to help take care of them.

The company has also cooperated with the sub-district where it is located to organize various cultural activities for children.

"I miss my parents very much, but not going back at this time is better for myself and my family," said Liu Xiaoqin from Northwest China's Qinghai province.

Hu Zhenhua from Central China's Henan province echoed Liu's sentiments, stating that he doesn't mind staying put for Spring Festival but is concerned about his two kids.

"Winter vacation has begun and I have nobody to take care of my children. But my company's nursing program has taken care of that issue," said Hu.

As Spring Festival approaches, the travel rush and gatherings will pose a challenge to COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control efforts. 

To safeguard people's health and safety, the Rugao government has prioritized epidemic prevention and control work by taking a series of measures.

Residents are encouraged to remain in Rugao for Spring Festival and advised not to attend unnecessary gatherings or pay New Year calls to reduce the possibility of being infected with the virus.