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Tongzhou district releases performance report for 2020


Updated: 2021-01-13


Wang Shaoyong, acting head of Tongzhou, delivers a report on the district government's performance in 2020, on Jan 12. [Photo/WeChat account: southtongzhou]

The fifth session of the 16th Tongzhou District People's Congress opened in the district administrative center on Jan 12, with Wang Shaoyong, acting head of Tongzhou district in Nantong city in East China's Jiangsu province, delivering a report on the municipal government's performance in 2020.

According to the report, last year Tongzhou's economy recorded an estimated regional GDP of 148.2 billion yuan ($22.9 billion), a year-on-year increase of 5 percent, while the general public budget posted revenue of 6.67 billion yuan, up 3.5 percent.

Wang also announced the economic and social development targets for the government in 2021. The regional GDP is projected to grow by at least 7 percent. The general public budget revenue in the current year is seen rising by 6 percent and research and development expenditure is estimated to account for 2.5 percent of GDP.

Fixed-asset investment and retail sales of consumer goods are both projected to increase by 7 percent. The incomes of urban and rural residents are seen increasing in step with economic growth and urban registered unemployment rate will stay under 3 percent.

Meanwhile, there is good news for the environment, with a promise to focus on cutting emissions and lowering the number of manufacturing sector accidents and deaths.

Wang added that the Tongzhou district government will emphasize attracting higher-quality projects, opening up a highland for industrial development, promoting the integration of urban and rural areas and creating a better Tongzhou.