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Tongzhou ranks high among China's top development districts


Updated: 2021-01-05


Tongzhou district in Nantong ranks 15th among 752 districts under the jurisdiction of prefecture-level cities surveyed recently, in terms of high-quality development. [Photo/WeChat account: jstzrb]

The list of China's top 100 municipal districts in terms of high-quality development in 2020 was released by Xinhuanet recently and Tongzhou district in Nantong city – located in East China's Jiangsu province – ranked 15th among the 752 districts under the jurisdiction of prefecture-level cities.

To objectively evaluate the development level of cities and provide guidance for their further higher-quality development, an assessment system using six metrics was used, including how innovative and coordinated they were. The remaining measures assessed how green, open and sharing they were and whether they had established safe development.

The metrics for innovative development incorporate the proportion of research and development expenditure in gross domestic product, patent ownerships per 10,000 people and the number of State-level and provincial high-tech enterprises.