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Jiangsu LNG Station takes measures to guarantee natural gas supply


Updated: 2021-01-04


The PetroChina Jiangsu LNG Station, located in Rudong county, takes multiple measures to guarantee natural gas supply as the natural gas demand soared in East China with the arrival of winter. [Photo/ntfabu.com]

The demand for natural gas has soared in East China since winter arrived confirming that it is an important energy source for heating in the region. The PetroChina Jiangsu LNG Station, located in Rudong county, Nantong, undertakes the significant mission of natural gas storage and peak shaving in winter in East China.

Since the heating season began on Nov 15, 2020, the single-day gasification export volume of natural gas at the station has maintained at least 25 million cubic meters, and the maximum gas-liquid export volume has reached 40 million cu m, which has ensured a stable and reliable supply of residential gas in East China, according to Zhu Binbin, deputy manager of the production and operation center of PetroChina Jiangsu Liquefied Natural Gas Co Ltd.

A bossy cold wave hit East China on Dec 29, 2020. The dramatically dropping temperature resulted in sharply growing natural gas demand. Jiangsu LNG Station took multiple measures to minimize the impact of the cold wave.

According to the current shipping schedule, the station will receive five LNG vessels in the next 10 days, which will unload about one million cu m.

In addition to gasification, the station is also focused on safety production in winter. "To effectively cope with the cold wave, the company established an anti-cold wave emergency work group," Zhu said. "Five groups in charge of production, technological operation, equipment and facilities, logistical support, and safety supervision made specific plans, sorted out the hidden dangers that may occur during the cold wave and in emergencies."

Before the cold wave came, Jiangsu LNG Station arranged special technicians to carry out special inspections on the key facilities, and started the heat-insulation system in advance.