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Rural tourism in Hai'an rises to prosperity


Updated: 2020-11-25


Local seafood delicacies are cooked for visitors at the Hai'an rural tourism festival which was held on Nov 22. [Photo/WeChat account: hafbwx]

The seventh Hai'an rural tourism festival and the seaside seafood festival opened in Hai'an, a county-level city administered by Nantong in East China's Jiangsu province, on Nov 22.

At the exhibition and trading area of cultural and tourism products, the booths displaying and selling Hai'an specialties such as seaweed, dried seafood and eggs produced by Tiancheng Group, a leading enterprise in the agriculture industry in Hai'an, attracted numerous visitors.

Chefs also prepared local seafood delicacies such as razor clam soup and fish soup for tourists.

"I learned from WeChat Moments the other day that there is a seafood festival on here today, as well as artistic performance, so I drove here," said Guo Long, a Qutang town local who works in Binhai New Area. "I bought some nori produced by Lanbo Industry Co Ltd for my child, to support the development of Hai'an local company."

The events also attracted many foreign travelers. Ms Jiang was a member of a tourist group from Shanghai. "It's quite good to visit this place where we have access to seascapes in early winter and fresh seafood," she said. "After I go back, I will tell my friends to come."

The seafood delicacies in Laoba Port enjoy a high reputation, and the catering industry there is growing to prosperity. After several rounds of selection organized by Jiangsu Catering Association, Binhai New Area was recognized as the "Hometown of Seafood Cuisine in Jiangsu". In addition, seven hotels were recognized as "Specialty Catering Enterprise in Jiangsu".