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Enterprises in Rudong granted priority in industry-finance cooperation


Updated: 2020-10-30

The financial supervision bureau, the development and reform committee and the science and technology bureau in Rudong county jointly released a white list of key manufacturing and technology-based enterprises which enjoy priority in industry-finance cooperation, on Oct 29.

A total of 806 enterprises are included. Based on the list, financial institutions will implement differentiated credit policies for those enterprises and give priority to meeting their financing needs.

In a bid to promote the industry-finance cooperation and enhance the quality and efficiency of financial service providers in accordance with relevant State-level and municipal policies, the bureaus and committee formulated and released the rules for implementing the white list system, which was initiated in Nantong city.

The enterprises in the white list can be divided into the following categories: manufacturing and industrial enterprises, key enterprises in emerging and dominant industries, innovative or high-growth enterprises, and the top 400 corporations in the county in terms of taxable sales.

The financial institutions will take the initiative to get in touch with these enterprises, optimize service processes, and provide preferential treatment in loan interest rates and other measures that enhance corporate credit.

In addition, with an admittance and withdrawal mechanism, the list will be adjusted dynamically each year. In special circumstances, it will be adjusted immediately.

White list companies that violate national laws and regulations or industrial, financial and environmental protection policies, or whose dishonest behavior infringes on consumer rights, will be de-listed.