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Cooperation with school helps Rugao company expand


Updated: 2020-07-31


A worker examines vacuum glass liners at Shunfan Family Products (Nantong) Co in Rugao, Nantong. [Photo/ntfabu.com]

Shunfan Family Products (Nantong) Co, a Taiwan-funded company in Rugao, Nantong, has expanded its annual production capacity to eight million vacuum glass liners, thanks to its cooperation with Jiangsu Rugao Secondary Vocational School.

"The key to expansion is to introduce automatic production lines," said Xu Zhijun, a teacher at the school's electromechanical department.

As no such production line existed in China at the time, the school sent a research team in July 2018 to learn about the production techniques and formulate a plan.

Thus far, three automatic production lines have begun operating, producing 1.26 million vacuum glass liners per month. The production line has also been granted six invention patents and utility model patents.

"A production line used to require 40 workers to operate. Now we can get by with just 12, and the qualification rate has increased 10 percent," said Tang Zhenghua, deputy general manager of the company.

The company was not the only one that benefited from the cooperation.

"The school moved class from campus to a manufacturing plant, allowing us to learn things we can’t learn from a textbook,"

Liu and his classmates have participated in the research, development, and assembly of the production lines over the past two years. With a solid theoretical foundation and abundant practical experience, Liu was admitted to Nanjing University of Science and Technology early this year.