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Discussion held on Tongzhou's development


Updated: 2020-06-23

An online discussion was held on June 19 on the development of Tongzhou district, Nantong, particularly of its ports, airports, and high-speed rails.

Several respected experts from Nantong and Shanghai, as well as local government officials, participated in the discussion, including He Jianhua, former vice-president of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, and Zhang Yugui, dean of the School of Economics and Finance of the Shanghai International Studies University.

The experts said that Yinhe New Area, a core part of Tongzhou district, plays a key role in improving the quality of the city and diversifying its urban functions. They said that it will accelerate the district's economic transformation and help connect it with the main urban area of the city.

According to He, the integration of the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) region brings about promising development prospects for Nantong. He said that the city should study the experiences of Xiongan New Area and further cooperate with Suzhou, Wuxi, and Changzhou.

Zhang said that the pandemic has compelled the world to rethink all industries, and Tongzhou should work to balance the distribution of its resources, environmental protection, and people's living standards, to achieve the coordinated development of location, capitals, medical treatment, civil affairs, technology, industrial facilities, education, leisure, and the environment.

With the help of the Nantong West Railway Station and a new airport, the district is expected to contribute more to the city's development and become an attractive destination for investors.