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Rose planting promotes rural development


Updated: 2020-05-19

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Workers prune rose plants at a garden in Rugao, Nantong. [Photo/WeChat account: RGETDZ]

"My garden receives an average of 400 visitors every day. The number can reach 2,000 on Sundays," said Tao Peipei, who has successfully turned wasted land in Rugao, Nantong, into a popular tourist attraction filled with rose fragrance.

Tao's rose garden covers 2 hectares and is home to more than 40,000 plants in over 200 imported species.

"European roses produce a longer florescence, and more buds and petals compared with local roses. They are popular among young people," said Tao. "All of the roses are planted in pots, so that visitors can transplant them easily when taking them back home."

"People who love planting flowers often visit the garden to exchange ideas with me. Those living in the neighborhood said they can smell the fragrance when they open their windows."

After more than a year's development, the garden has not only improved the living environment for locals, but also created jobs for some villagers.

Zhang Qinfang, a local who has been working in the garden since last year said the job has been a great way to spend time. "I can earn money and learn skills at the same time," she said.

Given the bright prospects of the rose planting industry, Tao hopes more villagers can learn the planting skills and make a better living.

She plans to expand the garden into a modernized rose planting center combining planting, sales and sightseeing.