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Rudong hosts 1,000 reading activities for local residents


Updated: 2020-04-20

Around 1,000 reading activities were recently held in Rudong county, Nantong, with a large number of local residents participating both online and offline.

A reading festival was launched in Qingyuan community in the county on April 18. During the launching ceremony, performers sang songs adapted from classic poems and recited poems. Local children listened to the stories behind how the poems were composed.


The launching ceremony of a reading festival is held in Rudong county, Nantong on April 18. [Photo/ntfabu.com]

Dengta community hosted a poetry recitation activity on the same day. A total of 16 local students recited 36 poems.

A workers’ reading month was also launched in the county. Workers at Jinheng City Investment Group exchanged thoughts on classic articles and career planning with each other.

A reading club consisting of 27 local broadcasters, editors and journalists was set up on April 17. Club members promoted traditional culture through poems showcasing spring scenery, affection for the nation and magnificent landscapes.

Online reading activities were hosted for the first time, honoring medics fighting on the frontlines against the novel coronavirus.

More than 30 local left-behind children were invited to a fairyland created by a local resident who has engaged in cultural work for over 40 years. Around 12,000 books provided an unforgettable reading experience for children.