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Gangzha hosts bazaar for intangible cultural heritage items


Updated: 2019-11-25

A bazaar was held in Gangzha district, Nantong, Jiangsu province from Nov 23 to 24. It featured a total of 75 booths filled with exhibits showcasing handicrafts and intangible cultural heritage items.

"The traditional food and skills presented at the bazaar are now less common in daily life, but we should make efforts to preserve them for their artistic value or utility," said a resident surnamed Zhong.


Many people visit a bazaar for intangible cultural heritage items held in Gangzha district from Nov 23 to 24. [Photo/VCG]

Wu Yuanxin, curator of a local blue calico museum, said that the bazaar has helped expose the public to intangible cultural heritage items. Trading and otherwise making use of them is expected to help preserve the items.

He also expressed hope that craftsmen would combine traditional skills with modern aesthetics, and use the bazaar as a chance to learn from each other.


A craftsman shares one of Nantong's traditional handicrafts – "Banyao" kites – which produce sounds while flying. [Photo/VCG]

The bazaar is a new cultural activity meant to boost traditional skills, integrate intangible cultural heritage items with tourism, and promote the innovation of intangible cultural heritage items.

The district has established a series of centers for cultural preservation and introduced some traditional skills at the local culture and innovation industrial park in order to better preserve them.


A visitor tastes some local liquor at the bazaar. [Photo/VCG]