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Gangzha looks to Japan for investment, skilled workers


Updated: 2019-10-31

Cooperation between Nantong, Jiangsu province and Japan has recently been given a boost thanks to an investment fair held in Gangzha district on Oct 28.

Nantong and Japan have worked together in a number of areas for some time. Gangzha district, as a cradle of China's modern industry, has played a key role in the relationship, which dates back nearly 100 years. Several Japanese enterprises have invested in the district, with some setting up operations there.

Gangzha has worked to develop its electronic information, smart equipment and tourism industries in recent years, and has helped to facilitate investment from Japanese companies. An industrial park for modern manufacturing has also been established by the two sides, with the aim of attracting more Japanese firms and workers.

Huang Weifeng, secretary of Gangzha district Party committee, said that preferential policies and a business-friendly environment would be offered to make the district attractive to investors.

The district government also signed a memorandum of understanding with Mizuho Bank during the event.


An investment fair is held in Gangzha district on Oct 28. [Photo/WeChat account: ntgzsd]