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Rugao artists stage puppet shows in France

Updated: 2019-07-01

The puppet art troupe of Rugao, a county-level city in Nantong, East China's Jiangsu province, visited France from June 16 to 23, to promote traditional Chinese culture.

Rugao is well-known for its puppet show, especially rod puppet show, which is listed as an intangible cultural heritage item in Jiangsu province.

Rugao's rod puppet show has been performed in the Art Festival of the Beijing Asian Games, the second and sixth Chinese Art Festivals, and in South Korea, Thailand and Romania.

Shen Bing, art director of the troupe, said that performance in France highlighted traditional Chinese elements, such as using Peking Opera as background music and telling story of Monkey King, the protagonist of the Chinese classic Journey to the West, with the aim of promoting Chinese culture to French audience.

During the eight days in France, performers from the troupe staged five performances for visitors, proving highly popular among locals.


An artist from Rugao puppet show art troupe performs for French children, during the troupe's trip to France from June 16 to 23. [Photo/rugao.gov.cn]


French children and artists from Rugao puppet show art troupe pose for a group photo in France. [Photo/WeChat account of Rugao radio and television station]


A Frenchman tries performing poppet during the event. [Photo/WeChat account of Rugao radio and television station]