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Ji Desheng’s snake medicine


Updated: 2018-08-07



Ji’s snake medicine was created through long-term practice and the experience of generations of his family. It was then tweaked and improved by Ji. Its therapeutic effects are superior to other types of snake medicine as it combines dozens of animal and plant ingredients. The product clears heat and toxic substances, relieves swelling and pain, calms endogenous wind and relieves spasm and hemostasis. It also strengthens the heart and plays a role in enhancing coordination. Its therapeutic effects are extremely wide and obvious.

The Ji Desheng snake medicine tablets are marketed with a brown-black color as a pure traditional Chinese medicine. Previously, Ji prepared the snake medicine formula relying on his own experience and memory, without any written records. The tablets appeared to be simple but really contained a number of herbal medicines and complicated preparations. After Ji offered the prescription, the people’s government sent a team to learn from him about how to make the preparation in a consistent way. Guided by Ji and with the concerted efforts and devoted research of a huge number of Chinese and Western medical researchers, the consistency standard was established; since then it has been further improved, allowing mass production. The good reputation of Ji Desheng snake medicine will spread further afield, both at home and abroad, winning favor for traditional Chinese medicine.