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Dasheng textile factory


Updated: 2018-07-19

Dasheng textile factory is located at Tangzha town, Nantong, Jiangsu province. In 1895,  Zhang Jian, a modern-day industrialist, set up the Dasheng textile factory, built companies for oil extraction, flour milling, iron smelting, sericulture, dyeing, and silk weaving around it, and created storage, transportation, maintenance and other supporting systems, forming Dasheng Group, a famous Chinese modern national capital enterprise group.

After a hundred year of changes, with Dasheng textile factory as its core, Dasheng Group still contains quite a few companies and facilities, some of which continue to manufacture and produce. There is a bell tower, as well as business halls, expert buildings, blow room workshops, warehouses, the former Nantong textile school and teaching buildings of Tangzha industrial elementary school in the Dasheng textile factory. In 2006, as an expansion project of the Nantong Museum, Dasheng textile factory was included in the sixth batch of national major historical and cultural protection sites by the State Council.

The former Nantong Dasheng third textile company is on Sanchang street, in Haimen city. In 1914, Zhang Jian purchased the land at his hometown of Changle town, Haimen, and began construction of the Dasheng third factory. Building was delayed by World War I, and not continued until 1919. The factory began manufacturing in 1921.

Dasheng third factory still has a bell tower, a head office (business hall), a former cotton warehouse and other historic buildings. When the State Council announced the list of the seventh group of national major historical and cultural protection sites in May 2013, the former site of Dasheng third factory and Dasheng textile factory were combined and renamed the Dasheng textile factory.


Dock of Dasheng textile factory [Photo/js.ifeng.com]