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Hai'an flower drums


Updated: 2018-07-19


A show of Haian flower drums is staged on the Celebration Gala for the 50th Anniversary of National Day on October 1, 1999. [Photo/cffcn.net]

The Haian flower drum became popular in the areas of the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River 400 years ago during the years of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). After excavation work by several generations of folk culture workers in Haian, the flower drum now integrates the spirit of the times and is a vehicle of artistic innovation.

In 1978, Haian flower drum performances were given in the Jiangsu song and dance performance festival with the theme of “flower drums welcome spring”. In 1987, they were presented on stage in Beijing with the title of “love with flower drums”. In 1998, they was part of the Jiangsu Star-studded Art Show with the title of “welcoming the spring” and took on additional characteristics as Jiangsu “fishing basket and flower drums”, “Huaiyang flower drums”, and “Taixing flower drums”. More than 300 female dancers joined in the performance, which was organized into a square dance. The show was then incorporated into the Celebration Gala for the 50th Anniversary of National Day.


Woman in Haian perform Haian flower drumming in the morning. [Photo/ wenming.cn]


Members of the Haian senior dancing team at the square in front of the Haian administration center on December 11, 2015 [Photo/ wenming.cn]