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Braised Chicken of Langshan Mountain

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2018-07-19


Braised Chicken of Langshan Mountain, 黄焖狼山鸡, Huang Meng Lang Shan Ji [Photo/js.ifeng.com]

Chicken of Langshan Mountain in Nantong is honored as the top one among the most renowned eight types of chicken in the world. Chickens of Langshan Mountain usually acts lively in a powerful posture full of vigor, with their heads and tails perked up, making them dominate other bird species. Meat experts have appraised their meat as the most delicious meat of bird species. The world-wide well-known Langshan Mountain chickens have offspring all over Asia, Australia, Europe and America. There are over thousands of cuisines cooked with Langshan Mountain chicken and all are extremely tasty. “Braised chicken with mushroom in wok”, as the one of the main dishes in the first banquet celebrating nation founding, with beautiful flavor and rich meat, tasted extremely fresh, tender and crisp. Actually, this dish was just “braised chicken of Langshan Mountain”.