New expressway linking Nantong and Yangkou Port under construction

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: November 10, 2020 L M S

Construction started on the second phase of the Yangkou-Nantong expressway, which connects Yangkou Port and the urban area of Rudong county, on Nov 9.

With a length of nearly 16 kilometers, the Yangkou-Rudong section will be built in accordance with the two-way and four-lane standard. The design speed is 120 km per hour.

Invested with 2.6 billion yuan ($402 million), the project is scheduled to be completed in three years. After completion, people will be able to use the expressway to travel directly to Yangkou Port from Nantong downtown.

The new road is of great significance for improving the regional expressway network, advancing the construction of Tongzhou Bay, improving the gathering and distributing functions of the Yangkou port area of Nantong Port, and promoting economic and social development along its route.

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